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Our success is based on integrity and high ethical standards.  We develop relationships that enable us to learn what the client company really needs and to understand their corporate  culture and environment.  We strive to learn more than just the job description duties and responsibilities, to determine the key deliverables the newly hired person will need to accomplish, the internal company working relationships, how he/she will work with peers and sister departments, the working conditions, and the many other factors that will insure success in the new position.  This then enables a thorough screening and evaluation of each candidate so we can submit only the most qualified and committed applicants.  What results is a lasting relationship where ALTCOSEARCH partners together with our client companies to fulfill both the company's and the candidate's long-term goals.  Many of our candidates have been with the companies where we placed them for 10 years and even longer.

To provide the most value possible to our clients and to our candidates, ALTCOSEARCH is an award-winning member of Intercity Personnel Associates (IPA), a nationwide computerized network of independent executive search and recruiting firms, and the New Jersey Staffing Association (NJSA) with whom we actively network. There are over 300 affiliate offices in these networks, enabling us to specifically network with over 25 people who specialize in various disciplines for food and consumer product companies.  On any given assignment, in addition to ourselves, we can have between 2 and 5 recruiters working together and focused through us just to fill a client's specific needs.

When potential candidates are identified each is given a complete description of the company and the specific job duties and responsibilities or is given as much infomation as the client has authorized to be released.  The candidate must give their permission to be presented to the client.  Only with permission is the resume sent to the client.

Client companies pay our fees including any distance travel and interviewing expenses.  Our fee for professional services is based on a percentage of the first year's compensation for which our candidate is hired.  We work either on a Contingency Fee arrangement, that is paid when our candidate accepts a client company's position, or on a Retainer Fee, which is paid in installments commencing with acceptance of the search assignment.

ALTCO II, LLC  dba  ALTCOSEARCH                                                          
2 Eastgate Square,  Westfield, NJ 07090
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Contact: John Shea  by e-Mail NOW: john@altcosearch.com