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Relocation is a fairly common practice when changing jobs, whether as an intra-company transfer or a change in employers. Here are three well established sites with tools that can provide you with information that may be helpful in making your decision.  The bottom two will help you evaluate your worth whether you are considering relocating or not:

Salary.com features the Salary Wizard, the popular salary calculator. But the site has other tools as well. The Cost-of-Living Wizard allows for side-by-side location comparisons. Meanwhile, a tool called My Benefits lets an employee enter information and compare various benefits to industry standards.

Homefair.com is now a joint venture of the National Association of Realtors and Homestore.com. As a result, it focuses on relocation from a housing standpoint. Nevertheless, there is a lot of worthwhile information at the site, including cost-of-living comparisons, city and school reports, and more. Research tools include a salary calculator and a community comparison calculator. There is also a tool called The Lifestyle Optimizer that lets a user find his or her 10 best cities by choosing a particular characteristic.

CitySearch offers local guides for specific locations. Aimed at the leisure side of life, CitySearch provides details about restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. Individual guides also link to area Yellow Pages, where listings for realtors, colleges and universities, and other potentially relevant information can easily be found.

Glassdoor.com gives you more detailed information. It will show you what employees earn at specific companies! For full access, you'll need to provide salary information on your last position. Don't worry, though—it's anonymous.

Finally, you'll want to visit PayScale.com. You begin by answering a short questionnaire. It will show you how your salary measures up. You'll also get tips for boosting your salary!